nutrition and healthy eatingLlndsay Coleman, dietitianNutrition plays a vital role in the treatment of cancer. A healthy diet can help patients maintain proper digestive health, prevent malnutrition and remain strong during their treatments. Lancaster Cancer Center understands the importance nutrition plays in a patient’s recovery, which is why we offer an on-site dietitian to provide nutritional support throughout treatment.

Lindsay Coleman, RD is a registered dietitian who provides medical nutrition therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy. She helps patients develop dietary strategies to prevent side effects from chemotherapy and supports patients after their treatment to reach and maintain healthy lifestyle goals. Lindsay also advises patients on which nutritional supplements should be incorporated into their health plan.

Lindsay Coleman, RD
717-291-1313 ext.102


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Dishes 2 Nourish (D2N)

FREE to the community, Dishes 2 Nourish (D2N) offers cooking demonstrations on a wide-range of nutritional topics in the Lancaster Cancer Center dining commons. Participants can sample the prepared entrees during the class and receive a copy of the recipes to cook at home. Lindsay is also available to answer any dietary questions and how they relate to cancer.

Call Lindsay Coleman at 717-291-1313 ext. 102 to register

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Healthy Baking
Thursday, March 14th, 10-11 a.m.
Traditional baked goods are a tasty way to celebrate or comfort friends and family, but they tend to provide a lot of calories and not so many nutrients. In this D2N class, Lindsay, our dietitian, will share the many ways she makes her favorite treats into healthier choices.

Farmers Markets & Local Produce
Thursday, April 11th at 10-11 a.m.
Foods grown locally are usually tastier, healthier, and cheaper. Come learn how and where to find the best produce in the Lancaster County area.

Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle
Thursday, May 9th at 10-11 a.m.
This diet is famous for reducing risk for several chronic diseases, including some cancers. Join us to learn more about this lifestyle and why it works.

Meal Prep Made Easy
Thursday, June 13th at
10-11 a.m.
Many feel they are too busy to eat well, but meal planning and preparation can help those with limited time to eat better. Learn our dietitian’s favorite tips.

All classes are held at Lancaster Cancer Center, 1858 Charter Lane, Greenfield Corporate Center, Lancaster. Seating is limited. Registration required. To learn more or to register, call 717-291-1313 ext. 102 or email

Location: The Lancaster Cancer Center dinning commons.