nutrition and healthy eating Britt Horst, dietitianNutrition plays a vital role in the treatment of cancer. A healthy diet can help patients maintain proper digestive health, prevent malnutrition and remain strong during their treatments. Lancaster Cancer Center understands the importance nutrition plays in a patient’s recovery, which is why we offer an on-site dietitian to provide nutritional support throughout treatment.

Brittany Horst, RD is a registered dietitian who provides medical nutrition therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy. She helps patients develop dietary strategies to prevent side effects from chemotherapy and supports patients after their treatment to reach and maintain healthy lifestyle goals. Britt also advises patients on which nutritional supplements should be incorporated into their health plan.

Brittany Horst, RD
717-291-1313 ext.116


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Britt’s Plate

Free to the community, Britt’s Plate offers cooking demonstrations on a wide-range of nutritional topics in the Lancaster Cancer Center dining commons. Participants can sample the prepared entrees during the class and receive a copy of the recipes to cook at home. Britt is also available to answer any dietary questions and how they relate to cancer.

Call Britt Horst at 717-291-1313 ext. 116 to register

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Quick and Easy meals
Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 2 pm.
 –  Life is busy with appointments, work, family, pets, friends, etc. All these factors make it difficult to find time to cook a meal. Meal preparation skills and time saving tips will be discussed during this class.

Fall Harvest
Tuesday, September 12, at 10 am. –  
When we choose to consume produce during the peak of freshness, the taste is superb. Learn how to take advantage of fresh produce available to us during the wonderful fall season by purchasing produce from our own backyard of Lancaster.

Simple and Smooth Soups
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 2 pm.
 – Cold days call for a nice cup of soup. The one problem with soup is the high sodium content. In this class, we will discuss ways to cut the amount of sodium consumed in the soup by cooking from scratch.

Healthy Holidays
Monday, November 6, 2017 at 10 am.
 – The holidays are a wonderful time of year with family and fun but one aspect always seems to be a problem: food. During this class, we will talk about tips and tricks to enjoy the holiday food without the guilt.

Location: The Lancaster Cancer Center dinning commons.