Welcome to Lancaster Cancer Center

For more than 30 years, the Lancaster Cancer Center has provided uncompromising and compassionate care to those affected with cancer. Our comprehensive hematology and oncology programs provide the full range of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. We are dedicated to treating the physical body as well as caring for the mind and spirit of patients and their loved ones. Our entire staff dedicates themselves to providing our patients with not only the most favorable in hematologic and oncologic care, but also with a calming and friendly sense that allows patients to feel as though they are part of our family. Patients come to the Lancaster Cancer Center for many reasons. However, we believe most come to us because of our history of caring continues.

Pink Hat Club Luncheon
December 29, noon at Greenfield Restaurant. We welcome women who survive any type of cancer and look forward to meeting new members each month ...
Evening of Remembrance
Thursday, May 12, 2022. The evening memorializes loved ones who have passed in 2021 ...