How should I plan for my first visit?

Plan to spend most of the day in the center for your first visit. You must have a driver for your first chemotherapy visit.

Can I bring family members with me to appointments?

We encourage patients to bring family members and those who provide you support; however, only one adult visitor is allowed with you in the infusion area.

How should I plan for treatment visits?

Try a stress reducing activity before chemotherapy and plan to continue this activity throughout your cancer treatment. Be safe … wear sensible shoes and loose, comfortable clothing.

Are children permitted in the infusion room?

For safety reasons no children under the age of 16 may enter the Chemotherapy Infusion room.

May I eat before my chemotherapy treatment?

Yes. Eat lightly … do not skip meals prior to your infusion. Choose foods that are light in nature and avoid greasy or spicy foods. You may eat while you are receiving your treatment. Our infusion room provides light snacks, coffee, tea, juice, soda, and water for a donation to our Healing Journey Foundation.

May I take my regularly scheduled medications before my treatment?

You may take your regularly scheduled medications on the same day as treatment.

Will my doctor be the same doctor throughout my treatment?

In most cases, your physician will be consistent; however, in some instances one,of our other medical oncologists may see you.

Can I refer direct?

Lancaster Cancer Center accepts self- and physician-referred patients. We recommend that self-referred patients contact their insurance provider to verify coverage.

Is payment expected at the time of my visit?

Yes, insurance co-payment is collected each visit. Please notify the office if your insurance coverage changes. You will be responsible for any charges not paid by your insurance provider, so it is important that we have the most up-to-date information.

What insurance is accepted?

We accept most major medical insurances. Click here to view the entire list.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes we do.

If I have questions after my appointment, who can I call?

Questions may be posted on your online “See Your Chart” file, where one of our staff will review and get back with you immediately. You may also call the office at 717.291.1313 for assistance.

Where will my prescriptions be filled?

Prescriptions may be filled in our in-office dispensary, your local pharmacy and by mail order.

If I’m unable to make an appointment due to illness or inclement weather, who should I call?

Please call scheduling at 717.291.1313 option 3 to re-schedule your appointment.