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Patient Advocate Foundation Releases Patient-Focused App

The Coverage Access Guide — a new educational app authored by professional case managers is designed to tackle healthcare road blocks and offer educational advice empowering the patient, caregiver and provider.

HAMPTON, VA – Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping seriously ill patients overcome healthcare barriers, has developed  a new mobile phone app for Apple phones and tablets, the Coverage Access Guide: A Consumer’s Guide to Insurance, designed to answer frequently asked questions about  accessing, enrolling and maintaining healthcare coverage.

The Coverage Access Guide is a free, user-friendly, article-based educational guide geared to help current and future patients overcome common healthcare obstacles in order to enhance their overall healthcare experience. Advice and guidance, harnessed from PAF’s staff of professional case managers, is presented via brief articles so that novice and experienced patients alike can quickly and easily access the information.

The Coverage Access Guide walks patients through the full healthcare journey from initial plan selection to making the most of their plan benefits. Additionally, heavy-hitting topics such as workplace benefits and tips to preserve income are covered.

The app’s user-friendly interface educates and empowers patients by offering insight on the following topic categories:

  • Insurance Basics – Outlines basic need-to-know general information about health insurance
  • Key Vocabulary and Terms – Defines frequently used medical jargon to help patients understand what they’re reading when selecting a plan
  • Selecting Insurance and Enrollment – Offers easy-to-understand tips that allow patients to find, review and enroll in the correct comprehensive insurance plan for their individual medical needs
  • Maximizing Coverage – Reviews preventative coverage options and helps patients get the most out of their healthcare plan
  • Common Barriers – Provides tips from case managers about overcoming insurance denials and managing medical costs
  • Clinical Trials– Answers common questions about clinical trials and helps determine available resources
  • Patient-Physician/Insurance Interaction – Offers tips and best practices when communicating with the patient’s doctor and insurance company
  • Disability Eligibility & Benefits, Workplace Benefits, Laws and Patient Protections – Helps patients to navigate patient rights within the workplace, including government protections and resources

The Coverage Access Guide app provides users with seamless navigation through streamlined menu access tools, searchable keywords, topics and categories, vertical scrolling, and the ability to save articles or send them to a friend via social outlets and email.  The app also allows users to increase font size for easier readability. Designed to connect patients, caregivers and providers with expert and actionable advice, the app also features a user feedback submission article request.

A corresponding print guide will also be available from within PAF’s publications library.  The Coverage Access Guide- A Consumer’s Guide to Insurance was made possible through an unrestricted grant from Jazz Pharmaceuticals to ensure patients make informed healthcare decisions and continue to have access to treatments now and in the future.

Coverage Access Guide is available exclusively through iTunes and Apple’s App Store.



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