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The Healing Journey Foundation was formed to empower cancer patients by giving them support in their journey. The foundation serves as an advocate to help patients and the community. Donations enable the foundation to provide free services which help patients and their families cope with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a component of the Vision of the Lancaster Cancer Center The Healing Journey Foundation was established in 1994.

Over the years, all programs have been provided to the general public as a complimentary form of treatment by the Lancaster Cancer Center. These programs have provided public information on cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as emotional support for all who are in need of our help without the cost to the public. Since the birth of The Healing Journey Foundation, our programs, symposiums and family events have grown to great proportions. We rely solely on volunteers willing to dedicate their time. Our fund raising efforts for these events are funded by contributions received from outside resources, grant money, and donations. It is our desire to serve and educate our community with support and service. Your donations will help us grow and give the gift of education and support.

Registration and Questions:

Contact Information: Mindy DeGreen, President

Cell Phone: 717-725-4402


Healing Journey Foundation : 717-396-8679


Donations can be mailed to:

1858 Charter Lane, Suite 202, Lancaster, Pa 17605.
Please make your check payable to The Healing Journey Foundation.

Donations are also excepted on-line through pay-pal. Please click on the icon make a donation.

Thank you for your support.