Patient Experiences

Robert & Grace Stauffer

Nine years ago, my husband, Robert was experiencing symptoms similar to Lyme’s disease; however, additional tests determined it was stage 2 multiple myeloma and we were referred to Dr. Joan Kane at Lancaster Cancer Center.  We really built a relationship with Dr. Kane and the practice and felt very comfortable in transferring to Dr. Lena Dumasia when Dr. Kane retired. Robert receives chemotherapy for his treatment and continues to see Dr. Dumasia every other month for a check-in visit. Dr. Dumasia listens to us, she hears us and explains things so we can be part of the decision for his care and she makes this journey easier and more bearable. Even if I call after hours, she responds quickly, and we appreciate that. And, in 2019 when I received a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer, Dr. Dumasia was right there for me, too. She said, ‘we’re here for you’, which put us both at ease. We receive treatment every other month and follow-up visits the alternative months. We went to Lancaster Cancer Center for help and we have been in the right place. From the nurses to Patty, the financial assistant, to the lab and scheduling, you’re treated like family.

Joan Groff

We (Neffsville) decided to re-wrap one of our Service vans in pink in October 2020 for Breast Cancer awareness month. It is our intent to leave the wrap on for one year.

Joan Groff was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. She is currently 88 years of age and being treated by Dr. DeGreen at the Lancaster Cancer center. Joan Groff was a partner with her husband Richard E. Groff in Richard E. Groff and Sons Inc., the parent company of Neffsville Plumbing and Heating services (1208 Harrisburg Pike, Suite 101 Lancaster Pa. 17603). Neffsville is a residential servicer of Plumbing and HVAC systems. The company originated in Neffsville Pa. Richard passed in 2013 at the age of 82. Joan now lives alone.

Joan, and other Women behind the scenes of business owners, especially in the Trades get little to no recognition for their contributions. They most times do the billing, legal and financial matters, handle phone calls etc., many times without compensation or recognition.

It is most important to keep in mind that when the phone rings at 2:00 a.m. with an urgent need from a Customer, when the business is enduring tough times, and when a Customer calls yelling and screaming, it is most times being handled in full or part by the business owner’s wife as she supports her husband and helps keep the business a going concern.

It was important to me to do this to remind myself where I came from, the efforts that were required to transition a business through three generations (going on four), and the effort and resolve it takes to fight cancer head on.

My Mother never complains about all of the procedures that need done, the surgeries, or the pain and discomfort. With her separate lung issues, it would be much easier for her to resist the constant treatments in battling breast cancer. Getting ready for appointments requires effort way beyond the norm.

Mom looks forward to her visits with Dr. DeGreen, she regards him as a Saint and follows all of his suggestions without question. I appreciate the staff at the Lancaster Cancer Center. They (staff) are compassionate, always outgoing, and friendly. Always attentive, you never feel like you have been forgotten or are being neglected.

Our pink van will stand as a reminder to everyone, Cancer will be fought on all fronts and that many great people have dedicated their lives and Careers to treat now with the future hope that Cancer will no longer be a threat. It will be a reminder to all to think of loved ones both present and past that were and are affected by Cancer. We also decided to contribute $5,000.00 to further help the Cancer Center of Lancaster. There are programs and outings for survivors that are worthy and keep reminding both survivors and family members, you are not in this alone.

Rick Groff

Jim Crishock

In December 2019, after many hospitalizations, surgeries, and trips to Pittsburgh, my husband, Jim received a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma. While we trusted the medical oncologist in Pittsburgh, it just was not feasible to drive to Pittsburgh every two weeks. So, we sought out a medical oncologist near our home; however, this provider did not wish to carry out the recommendations from the oncologist in Pittsburgh, and our search for an oncologist continued.

Many sleepless nights before I remembered a good friend of mine saying, if you need anything with Jim, remember my mom works at the Lancaster Cancer Center.

One phone call to Patty, and an hour later, Dr. DeGreen was on the phone with me and listened to my 8 month story of our journey. He then scheduled an appointment for Jim and I to meet him and his staff on a Friday afternoon. At our initial appointment, I realized I needed this Center and Dr. DeGreen to lead us on this journey. What doctor gives you their cell phone number on the first initial visit and said to call or text him anytime? Well, I am a nurse, and I would not call unless I had an emergency. However, I did reach out to him on several occasion and I typically received a text or call back within thirty minutes, and sometimes within minutes.

First, I want to talk about Dr. DeGreen. He is the most compassionate, caring, kind, considerate, intelligent and professional doctor I have every met and had the privilege to know—and I have worked with many doctors. He listened attentively to all of our concerns. No question was stupid. He took his time with us at every visit—if we didn’t have an office visit and I felt Jim needed to be seen, Dr. DeGreen made time for us.

Jim was a very complicated case and Dr. DeGreen had no problem consulting with other physicians and our surgical oncology office in Pittsburgh. Jim, to say the least, was a challenge from day one—he never caught a break and had many side effects, complications, hospitalizations and surgeries along the way. Dr. DeGreen was there for us every time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have gotten through this without you.

The staff at Lancaster Cancer Center were also very kind, compassionate, caring and professional. Jim enjoyed talking with every one of them—Jim had a very dry sense of humor but they “got him”.

Jim lost his battle on Nov 5, 2020. Dr. DeGreen, again, was there prior to this to guide us on the path to the end. Again, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. DeGreen. If you need a medical oncologist that really cares, he is the one. I hope I do not have to go this journey again with any other loved ones but I know where my first and only choice would be.

If I had to do this journey I am so glad it was with all of the staff at Lancaster Cancer Center.

Thank you to all of you and all our love.

Patti Crishock and all of Jim’s family


Jill's patient experienceMother of four. Diagnosed with breast cancer. Jill knew she needed to be strong for her children, ages 24 to 10. Her children knew they needed to be strong for their mother. Together, they found strength in each other … and in the experienced, compassionate care Jill received at the Lancaster Cancer Center. Today, Jill is stronger than ever. And so is her family.


Frank's patient experienceHumor. Light-hearted laughter. It’s always been Frank’s way. He handled treatment for a brain tumor the same way. He’s grateful that Lancaster Cancer Center’s staff combined expert medical care and positive encouragement to save his life. Today, he feels great and is enjoying life with his wife and family. When he visits the cancer center for a checkup, he’s met with a smile … and smiles in return.


Leah's patient experienceLeah and her family moved into a new home so they could care for her parents. Instead, her parents ended up caring for her. Leah was diagnosed with breast cancer one month after their move. She found a second family at the Lancaster Cancer Center. The experienced, attentive staff never rushed her. They included her husband, sons and parents in her care. Everyone felt more comfortable. Like family.


Dr. Wert's patient experienceAfter decades of caring for others, Dr. Wert suddenly found himself on the receiving end of treatment. Stage four cancer had robbed his body of the strength he needed to continue helping impoverished countries receive proper medical care. Lancaster Cancer Center gave Dr. Wert his life back so he could return to helping those in need.


Myrna's patient experienceFive children. Nine grandchildren. One great grandson. Myrna is happy to have a strong support network to help her battle cancer. But she also has a second family. One that is always there for her when her loved ones can’t be. Lancaster Cancer center’s team of doctors, nurses and staff offer compassionate treatment in a friendly environment that feels like home.


Shanicka's patient experienceEarly 20’s. A bright future. Shanicka thought she had the world at her feet. Then a lump in her neck told her otherwise. Time to be strong. Time to fight. Shanicka turned to Lancaster Cancer Center to help her win her battle with lymphoma. Her future looks bright again … and she’s back on top of the world where she belongs.

Elizabeth Smedley

Liz Smedley (shown right)“As a cancer survivor who is here today only because of the excellent care I received during two treatment periods, I was concerned that the story on the proposed new cancer center was slanted only toward Lancaster General Hospital and its plans for expansion into cancer treatment in the community. Lancaster General is a first-class hospital, but what Lancastrians must realize is that outstanding medical care can be given in other venues administered, I might add, by world recognized medical oncologists with a great deal of expertise at hand. Presently, we are blessed with an outstanding medical oncology center here in Lancaster County. Dr. Peter DeGreen has been treating cancer patients for over 30 years in our community. He is only too happy to refer to university centers, if needed (and did so with my second cancer diagnosis), and he consults with his contacts from around the United States. The Lancaster Cancer Center currently has five board-certified medical oncologists on staff, all of whom show a concern for the emotional, as well as medical, needs of their patients. For years, the Lancaster Cancer Center has had The Healing Journey, a non-profit that presents programs, both supportive and educational, for cancer survivors and their families that complements the meticulous medical care. The Center has many clinical trials available not seen elsewhere, even in Pennsylvania, such as the recently added lung cancer trial instituted by Dr. Tracy DeGreen. The navigators, lovely treatment areas and educational resources mentioned in the article are all superb ideas. Guess what, though, this is all available right now at The Lancaster Cancer Center in Greenfield Park. Thank you, staff of LCC, for giving me my life and my positive attitude.”

Sharon Landis

“When diagnosed with cancer 11 years ago, I felt like I met a friend for life. This great doctor helped me mentally and physically to beat this horrible disease. I pray that my cancer never returns, but if it does, I know without a doubt that this is the doctor I would want to treat me. His compassionate, caring personality can’t be beat. He always encouraged me to believe I would be a survivor. God Bless Dr. DeGreen!”

Wonderful Experience

“I had the pleasure of being treated by HP DeGreen Senior with my first cancer, and now by his son, Dr. Tracy DeGreen. Although they are different in their approaches, I never thought I would know someone, let alone two, with this type of kindness. Dr. Tracy DeGreen asked my entire family (15 or more) to come in after hours and he spent about 3 hours with our family. He went over the illness I had, explained it to my grandchildren, and to this day, have never been treated better by another physician. His father is wonderful.It’s easy to see why he is comfortable leaving his legacy in his son’s hands.”

Kind, Caring, and Respectful

“Dr. Degreen is a very busy man and there is a good reason for that. As the primary physician at the Lancaster Cancer Center, his reputation precedes him; most patients want to see a Degreen. This is not to say that the other doctors at the center are bad, just that Dr. Degreen is so good. He is kind, caring and talks to his patients with respect. He understands the difficult time his patients are going through and works to make them comfortable. Beyond that, he is a very knowledgeable doctor who is great at his field.”

Karen Elizabeth King

“Everyone knows that the cancer journey is difficult for the patient, but often the caregiver gets lost in the shuffle. Not so at the Lancaster Cancer Center. Over the course of nine years and four separate cancer diagnoses my partner and I were treated with the upmost respect and sensitivity.

From the moment we met Dr. H. Peter DeGreen we knew we were dealing with someone special. His attentiveness, tenacity and great good humor in the face of the often challenging realities of the nasty disease of cancer became the rock that we both relied upon.

The Healing Journey program became central to our lives; gentle yoga, laughter club and other activities kept us connected with others who ‘knew what it was like.’ The extraordinary staff and LCC made each visit, each procedure, each test that much more bearable.

Dr. DeGreen left no stone unturned when it came to treating my partner, and when Dr. Tracy DeGreen came on staff, he continued that amazing trait. As a result my partner had both a quantity and quality of life that neither of us had expected. There is no need to look any farther than Lancaster Cancer Center to get world class cancer treatment from world class doctors and their gifted and talented staff.”

Neal Steffy

“I have been a patient of Lancaster Cancer Center for over 16 years. The treatment and care I have received from the entire staff at LCC over the years has been exceptional. At LCC you aren’t a number, you’re part of a family. Thank you LCC!”

Pat Dietz

Chemotherapy infusions for cancer treatment can last anywhere from 10 minutes to seven or eight hours. Thanks to the generous support of a Lancaster resident who lost her husband to cancer, patients at Lancaster Cancer Center, 1858 Charter Lane, will have a more peaceful and enjoyable experience during their treatment.

Pat Dietz, Lancaster, is a cancer survivor herself and made the donation to thank the physicians and staff at Lancaster Cancer Center (LCC) for their exceptional treatment of her and her late husband, Charles Dietz.

The donation allowed LCC to purchase a blanket warming unit to keep the chill off those receiving chemotherapy as well as a new hutch for a snack station, snack tables for each of the infusion chairs, new pillows for patients to rest their heads and a fresh coat of paint for the room.

Both Mrs. Dietz and her husband were treated by Tracy DeGreen, DO, who is a second generation oncologist at LCC.

“Dr. DeGreen has always been there whenever we had a question or needed advice,” said Mrs. Dietz. “He always made himself available for us no matter what time of day. He never gave up on Charlie and his support meant the world to me.”

Mrs. Dietz has been cancer free for seven-years, although she continues to receive regular checkups and consultations from LCC.

“It is a privilege to care for patients here at Lancaster Cancer Center,” said Tracy DeGreen, DO. “We always treat our patients as part of our family.”

Both Mrs. Dietz and her late husband had to undergo chemotherapy treatments in the Infusion Room and she was consistently amazed by the care and compassion she was shown from every staff member and physician. For that reason, she decided to make a donation to help those who had done so much for her and her husband. She wanted to improve the area not only for the patients receiving treatment, but also to help the nursing staff, who go above and beyond during chemotherapy sessions.