Patient Satisfaction

SayAh Reviews Infographic

Patients and their families share their stories and experiences with Lancaster Cancer Center. Learn why they’re grateful they chose Lancaster Cancer Center to be their cancer care partner.

“The amazing staff at Lancaster Cancer Center show genuine compassion and support beyond my care. It’s been a blessing during this difficult time of my life.”
–Grateful Patient

“I believe the LCC is truly blessed with their staff. I have been in treatment at this facility for about 6 years and never had a complaint. They are the best!”
–Grateful Patient

“It is difficult for us to put into words the appreciation to all of you for the love and kindness that has been given to our family. We want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Dr. DeGreen and everyone.”
–A grateful patient family

“To the amazing staff and doctors. We wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for all you do in making our long – distance appointments so wonderful and efficient when we are here. We are ever grateful for all you do…and you
do it so well.”
–Beth O.

“To the staff of Lancaster Cancer Center, thank all of you for being an essential member of my survival team.”
–Kathy, grateful survivor

“The staff is so efficient and empathetic far beyond my expectations. I honestly have never had a negative experience in my year of treatment.”
–Lynn N.

“The LCC team promotes a kind and confident approach to my care.”
–Grateful Patient

“Blessed to be here.”
–Grateful Patient

“A great opinion in treatment.”
–Grateful Patient

“I am thankful for such a tremendous facility closer to here.”
–Grateful Patient

“Dr. DeGreen is the highest of highs on my rating for doctors.”

“Wouldn’t want any other doctor!”

“Right on.”

“We appreciate his caring attitude.”

“I would highly recommend Dr. DeGreen to any new patients.”

“So friendly.”

“Excellent, caring doctor, would not want to ever change doctors.”

“Dr. DeGreen and everyone at the center feel like family. Very caring and patient with me.”

“Thank you for all the international loving care we receive each time we are at the office and beyond!”

“I have 100% faith and trust in Dr. DeGreen.”

“The entire staff at Lancaster Cancer Center is wonderful. From the day I was diagnosed two years ago to the present care and professionalism is top notch.”

“He cares.”

“Has a report with patients that is both professional and welcoming. Has encouraging, positive attitude.”

“Dr. DeGreen is likely the most down-to-earth, caring , and professional doctor I have ever treated with – there are probably only 4 others I could place on his level in my 72 years of life. I consider Dr. DeGreen one of my personal guardian angels and thank God I am able to be in his care.”

“I tell everyone about Dr. DeGreen’s office. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

“Listens well.”

“Dr. DeGreen takes a personal interest in you and treats you best possible way for your health need.”

“Dr. DeGreen and the whole staff treat the patient with respect and utmost care.”

“I appreciate Dr. DeGreen’s care so much!”


“Dr. DeGreen is the best doctor I have ever been to. I’m so grateful I selected him and he accepted me and my cancer to treat. I trust him totally with my care and could not be more grateful that he is such an important part of my life.”

“Always spends as much time as needed and listens.”

“We could not be making this journey without Dr. DeGreen and his excellent staff!”

“I would recommend LCC to anyone interested in being treated like an individual not like a number.”

“Dr. DeGreen is excellent and caring provider as are the entire staff at LCC!”

“Dr. DeGreen is one of the few doctors that listens to what you have to say!”

“I feel completely confident about Dr. DeGreen’s treatment of my cancer.”

“Outstanding Oncologist! Very kind and patient!”

“Dr. DeGreen is extremely caring about my problem, and it shows his actions and very caring about my concerns!”

“I have appreciated Dr. DeGreen and Lancaster Cancer Center very much. I feel I have always been treated respectfully.”

“Dr. DeGreen really cares about me. He explains things to me and works to figure out treatments in my best interest.”

“Dr. DeGreen is an awesome Oncologist, He truly cares about your health and well-being there when you need information or support, his nursing staff are a group of nurses that are compassionate.”

“Dr. DeGreen has extended my life so far, an extra 6 years. I am so thankful for him being my quarterback!”


“I greatly value the care provided by Dr. DeGreen and his staff. I would highly recommend him and them to others.”

“I love Dr. DeGreen and recommend him to anyone who may need his care.”

“The staff is top notch at Lancaster Cancer Center…friendly, professional, helpful, real, efficient.”

“I feel he is the best doctor I could have.”

“Very compassionate with patients.”

“Makes me feel at ease.”

“Best doctor around. I’m so glad we were referred to him many years ago!”

“Dr. DeGreen has been very attractive and personal since I first saw him in August 2015. He provides all information to you about possible treatment you require. Wouldn’t go to any other doctor.”

“He is caring competent practitioner.”

“He is a pleasure to talk too and friendly.”

“He is a very caring, thorough physician. He’s got your back.”

“I feel lucky that my wife and I are his patients.”

“We have been seeing Dr. DeGreen for many years and we have always appreciated his respect for his patients and his concern for their well-being. Makes you feel comfortable and does spend an adequate time with you.”

“Dr. DeGreen is very knowledgeable, conscientious and have great bedside manner. He is awesome.”

“He was very professional, informative, and just a great guy.”

“Dr. DeGreen, is one of the most caring Doctors I know! When I walked in his office I was physically and mentally exhausted, he took so much time to go over all my symptoms. Him and his team also referred me to what specialist I needed to see and made sure I had an appointment lined up before I left including my appointments to be treated at his office and follow up appointments. With his help I’m finally seeing the doctor I need and getting treated. He is very caring and patient, listens to what is going on and does everything he can to help.”

“I have been a patient here for 16 years and I am here today because of Tracy & Peter listened to me back in 2006. As it turns out my decision was the right decision   for my health then and for the future.”

“He’s more than a doctor, He’s a friend. If you have any question all you have to do is call and ask.”

“I really love my doctor; he gave me life. When I first got to him, I might have had a couple of weeks to live and here it is over a year and I’m still here for my grandson thanks to him. I just feel like I owe him everything. He’s a very good man and I hope I can be friends with him fo a lot of years to come. Thank you Dr. DeGreen.”

“Dr. DeGreen is an outstanding doctor, enjoy the way he spends time to explain my condition. Also, the way his staff works with me. Keep up the great work that you do.”

“Best doctor ever.”

“Dr. DeGreen is an excellent and caring specialist.”

“Very compassionate.”

“I don’t have enough words to explain how truly amazing Dr. Dumasia is. I have been under her care for years. She saved my life once and works diligently to improve the quality of my life.”

“Very good communication with me.”

“Was very pleased with my doctor visit.”

“Bedside manners were very good, and made me feel comfortable.”

“Would recommend her to everyone. You can tell she really cares about her patients.”

“I am very satisfied with Dr. Dumasia.”

“Puts me at ease.”

“Caring, asked questions that addresses preventive health.”

“I feel very confident, comfortable, cared for, respected and safe with both Dr. Dumasia and the entire staff.”

“Very nice doctor.”


“Dr. Dumasia is a professional, caring doctor. She wants what is best for her patients and will go out of her way to achieve that goal.”

“Dr. Dumasia is a very caring individual who responds to any circumstance you bring up in a meeting.”

“Always caring and on top of things.”

“Dr. Dumasia is an excellent physician, and I am so glad to have her as my physician.”

“Made me feel very comfortable.”

“I had sent a researched study on trigger finger and AI inhibitors and would have liked to hear Dr. Dumasia’s thoughts on the study.”

“Dr. Dumasia is an excellent doctor. I have been treated by other doctors in the practice and in my opinion she is the best. She listens and I feel that she understands what I’m saying and hears me.”

“She always listens to any research we have read. We have great confidence in her finding the best care for me.”

“Dr. DeGreen, (who i literally love to death), thank you for extending my life, you are brilliant, compassionate human being. And, to all the nurses and staff at Lancaster Cancer Center, thank you for caring for me for years.”
– Charles L.

“The front desk receptionist is very chipper, upbeat, and welcoming!”
– Robert M.

“Very pleasant staff!” – Madilyn B.

“Very concerned about side effects of the medications. I feel Dr. Dumasia stays current with new treatment. I have total faith under her care.” – Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia listens and changes things to meet my needs. She spent a lot of time with me today, she calmed my fears.”
– Janet C.

“Very Friendly and seems to really care and listens to me. They explain things so I can understand.”
–Alta S.

“Everything & nothing! Really can’t imagine being anywhere else, made a bad time in my life so much better!”
– Gwen F.

“The staff always has a great attitude and is always friendly.” – Daniel T.

“Real honest and always goes above and beyond.” – Grateful patient

“New building is lovely.” – Janet E.

“They were all exceptional.” – Rebecca M.

“Everything was great and very professional. I tell my friends about Dr. DeGreen, he is great.”
– David S.

“Everything was perfect.”  – Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is very friendly, thorough, and wonderful.” – Patricia M.

“The staff knows my name and are friendly and professional.” – Nancy C.

“Dr. DeGreen is very thorough and explains everything.” – Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is concerned about what is happening with the whole Individual.”
– Linda F.

“Staff is always welcoming, calming, and supportive.” – Grateful patient

“The doctors never give up!” – Jennifer T.

“It is nice to be known. It feels like family.” – Grateful patient

“Just keep doing what you already do so well. I am thankful for Dr. Dumasia and the whole team.”
– Nancy T.

“Just keep it up! In the midst of this current situation, we find comfort here knowing y’all have our backs.”
– Family member of grateful patient

“Very attentive and supportive of my grandfathers’ decisions. Dr. Dumasia is great! I’m so thankful and grateful for her and her caring staff. Y’all are the best! And my grandfather share the same sentiments!”
– Family member of grateful patient

“Wonderful staff!” – Grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen is personable and caring.” – Wilma M.

“It felt like I had good service. Everyone was friendly and did everything for me as soon as they could.”
– Vera M.

“Dr. Dumasia is AWESOME, so glad she keeps seeing me annually, even years past my cancer.”
– Barbara F.

“Dr. DeGreen is very caring and makes you very special!” – Edith Graybill

“My doctor shows kindness and she cares answered my questions.” – Susanne K.

“The whole staff makes every appointment special.” – Sandy H.

“My first appointment with dear Dr. DeGreen, I knew I had the best doctorI could have.”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia presents as warm and caring – treating the patient as individual. Takes a good deal of time explaining things and following with treatments requests and schedules. Very knowledgeable.”
– Joanne M.

“I couldn’t ask Dr. Dumasia to improve in any way. She is through, explains everything very well. Top notch!”
– Sara R.

“I seriously have nothing but a positive experience in all aspects of my care! Everyone is so nice & takes the time to listen – they go out of their way to make sure I’m comfortable!”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is great! She looks at the whole picture and has orchestrated my plan of care. She listens intently and never makes me feel rushed making sure all issues are resolved in a timely manner!”
– Cherly G.

“The conversation was very calming, and I trusted the Dr. DeGreen because of his approach.”
– Craige W.

“Dr. DeGreen’s kindness and concern for me as a person not a number.” – Cheryl S.

“So friendly, explains my test results clearly, explains my options, gives a strong feeling of actual caring for me.”
– Catherine O.

“As soon as I walk in the door the receptionist call me by name. All the nurses and staff are all wonderfully kind and Dr. DeGreen is great! I would recommend them to anyone!”
– Grateful patient

“Takes the time to answer my questions, listens and is very caring.” – Margaret M.

“Everyone is amazing, kind, considerate, and knowledgeable.” – Jennifer T.

“The entire staff provided excellent care.” – Ella K.

“Everyone is super nice and pays attention to every detail to make it easier on the patients. Much appreciated!”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen always does an explanation to make sure there are no new changes. He also asks about my depression and keeps seeing me every three months. It eases my mind being in Dr. DeGreen’s care.”
– Leah P.

“Dr. Dumasia is an outstanding professional – kind, compassionate and competent. The staff is tremendous!”
– Henry P.

“Staff is always welcoming and helpful – love that even if I don’t have an appointment I’m greeted by name.”
– Sandra H.

“They take the time to talk to me and answers all my questions. Cares a lot and gives me the help I need.”
– Grateful patient

“I have been coming here for the last 10 years, in one capacity on another (patient, caregiver, husband) with concern and everything has been great every time. I would not go anywhere else! Everyone is so caring!”
– Alice K.

“Makes us all feel like part of “his family”. Very pleased and glad I called here for my 2nd opinion.”
– Sharon G.

“Dr. Dumasia listend and cared about me as a person as well as a patient!” – Joshua H.

“Dr. DeGreen cares about his patients.” – Kristine P.

“Good sense of humor, caring, personal, knowledgeable.” – Janet H.

“Nothing to improve. Dr. DeGreen and the staff are like family. Highly recommend.”
– Stacie A.

“Dr. Dumasia truly cares about my well-being/health and thoroughly explains anything that I have questions about.”
– Elisabeth L.

“Dr. DeGreen is very kind, thorough, supportive, as well as very skilled. I trust him with my care.”
– D. Rochelle S.

“Dr. Dumasia is always caring.” – Jacqueline M.

“My doctor is very pleasant and friendly and gives me a feeling of knowledge. And I trust Dr. Dumasia’s explanations.”
– Arlene F.

“Dr. Dumasia is very caring and attentive to her patients.” – Michelle L.

“Everything and everyone is excellent.” – Grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen is an excellent doctor. Can’t make him any better!” – Larry M.

“The doctors, nurses and staff are exceptional. Would not be here if it wasn’t run by all the terrific people at LCC.”
– Grateful patient

“Doctor is straight with letting me know what is going on. Gives me my options and we decide together. Couldn’t ask for better care.”
– Howard W.

“I appreciate how each member of the staff took the time to answer my questions.”
– Rose K.

“They are thoughtful, caring, makes patients feel at ease.”
– Lance B.

“Very personable and shows that he cares. Very knowledgeable and honest.”
– Judith B.

“He is very considerate, friendly, and knowledgeable.”
– Judy S.

“They are very friendly and put a smile on my face all the time.”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is a very sweet and caring doctor. In all the years of coming here the doctors are all very nice.”
– Joanne A.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Dumasia since 2008 and would not go to anyone else. She is caring and through.”
– Joan F.

“Everyone is very professional and curious – could not recommend any areas of improvement.”
– Grateful patient

“Everything she does is great!!! No improvement needed.”
– Leslie F.

“Explained the treatment plan well, polite, and takes great care in all they do.”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen is awesome, appreciate his caring and listening manner.”
– Dolores H.

“I had a very thorough and pleasant visit with Dr. DeGreen.”
– Cecelia F.

“Dr. DeGreen is excellent, very thorough. Always takes his time with his patients and gives explanatory of care that is easily understood.”
– Daughter of grateful patient

“Helpful, personable staff willing to make your experience as easy as possible. Everyone seems to really care about you.”
– Doreen H.

“Listens to my suggestions and together we plan the care of my treatment.”
– Lilli D.

“Dr. DeGreen really explains everything to me and it thorough – plus a great personality.”
– Joan G.

“Greeting was great and friendly.” –Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia listens, answers all my questions and explains everything in detail. She is exceptional!”
– Patricia C.

“Everyone is the best – Love everyone!” – Grateful patient

“Takes time with explaining and listens to my questions.” – Paul A.

“Always happy, pleasant, caring and patient, listens to me and my concerns.” – Linda R.

“I appreciate Dr. DeGreen. He is very good and cares about his patients. Bless all the staff at the cancer center. We need them.” – Martha D.

“The staff is so cheerful and is very knowledgable.” – Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia has always been cheerful and caring.” – Martha M.

“Everybody is very friendly and caring.” – Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is very friendly and cares about me.” – Casilla V.

“Lab was quick. They were kind. They had a conversation to distract me from what is a discomforting procedure. Scheduling is quick and easy and no wait time on the phone. Provider holds great relationship with patient even at annual visits.” – Cassidy B.

“Dr. Dumasia remembers me and my family and checks in how I am as an individual and not as a patient.”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen is very thorough and also very caring.” – Sharon L.

“Dr. DeGreen is very friendly and easy to talk with – very uplifting.” – Carol L.

“The ladies working in the lab and the nurses caring for me have been wonderful. I could not have been more pleased.”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia has been wonderful through diagnosis.” – Joseph A.

“The doctor and entire staff are very caring and kind, pleasant and efficient.”
– Jackie H.

“Everyone is very caring and thoughtful.” – Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is perfect – very thorough.” – Lucy M.

“Dr. DeGreen cares about me and my family.” – Jill S.

“Dr. DeGreen is a thorough, non-judgmental, kind, and understanding physician. He doesn’t wait until you’re sick before he treats you. He’s very efficient and on top of everything. You’re not just a number to him.”
– Holly Z.

“He is an amazing doctor.”– Rebecca R.

“Glad to have a small-town doctor feeling.”– Darla S.

“Dr. DeGreen is very interested in all problems. Very helpful with referrals. So caring and professional!”
– Shirley M.

“The staff is very helpful and caring.”– Grateful patient

“The staff is always friendly and competent.”– Carol G.

“I appreciate Dr. DeGreen’s attention to details. He makes suggestions that can improve my life and general health.”
– Grateful patient

“We can’t even begin to thank Dr. DeGreen and the staff at Lancaster Cancer Center for the exceptional care you’ve shown to Amy. Your kindness and willingness to accommodate her needs exceeds any expectations we could have made. Thanks to all, you’re the best!”
Frank & Kathy K.

“Dr. DeGreen is exceptionally personable, not to mention, pretty darn smart! The staff is wonderful, too!”
– Lois E.

“Dr. Dumasia is AWESOME! So glad she keeps seeing annually, even as I’m past my cancer.”
– Barbara F.

“Wonderful staff!”
– Wilma M.

“Dr. DeGreen is very experienced in what he does, considerate of what I say or tell him and all-around good doctor!”
– John L.

“Just keep it up! In the midst of our grandfather’s current situation, we find comfort here, knowing you all have our backs!”
– Granddaughter of grateful patient

“It is nice to be known. It feels like family.”
– Nancy T.

“They know my name and are friendly and professional.”
– Grateful patient

“The staff are so nice. Really act like they care. Even call me by my name.”
– Roberta F.

“Everyone was great and very professional. I tell my friends about how great Dr. Dumasia is.”
– David S.

“Awesome place for care!”
– Joel B.

“Dr. DeGreen is a great doctor! Very thorough and detailed, wants to get to the issue and provides hope.”
– George B.

“Great Staff!”
– Grateful patient

“The staff is courteous and a pleasure to be around!”
– Grateful patient

“Really can’t imagine being anywhere else. Made a bad time in my life so much better!”
– Gwen F.

“Staff is always respectful, warm, and welcoming”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen is very honest and caring. I’m very satisfied in my care and would recommend his services to my family and friends.”
– Cleta K.

“Staff has a great attitude and are friendly!”
– David T.

“Dr. Dumasia is the best!”
– Yvonne P.

“The staff always takes plenty of time with my mom and never makes her feel rushed.”
– Daughter of grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia makes this journey with my mom easier to bear. We are grateful for her caring manner and knowledge.”
– Alberta R.

“Staff was very courteous, concerned, and helpful.”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia tests patients with respect, kindness, and compassion. She truly listens to her patients and follows through to inform me of any concerns.”
– Fran R.

“I appreciate Dr. DeGreen’s attention to details. He makes suggestions that can improve my life and general health.”
– Carol G.

“The staff at LCC are very helpful, pleasant, and caring!”
– Grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen is very interested in all problems. Very helpful with referral. So caring and professional.”
– Shirly M.

“Dr. DeGreen has a pleasant personality. I feel very confident in his care.”
– Florence P.

“I wouldn’t have made it through my cancer treatments without Dr. DeGreen and his incredible staff! From the front desk to the schedulers and nurses, everyone is focused on helping you get through the toughest time. I would walk in
the front door and wouldn’t even need to tell them my name. They all knew it as soon as they saw me. That is personalized care!”
– Janet, a grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is wonderful! Her ability to empathize and explain medical terms in a way I can understand set my mind at ease. Her encouraging “you can do this” approach helped me start treatment with a positive attitude.”
– Lynn N.

“Dr. DeGreen and his staff are the best! There isn’t anyone I want to fight this battle with other than
Lancaster Cancer Center!”
– A grateful patient

“Dr. Dumasia is the best doctor in the world! Thank you for taking such good care of me. We really count on her knowledge, care, and support.”    
–A grateful patient

“Dr. DeGreen is so caring and answers my concerns. Everyone is so nice.”Darlene D.

“Thank you Dr. DeGreen for helping our MumMum so she could be with us at Christmas.”
–Emma and Allyson, grateful grandchildren

“Thank you, Dr. Dumasia and everyone at Lancaster Cancer Center for all you did for my mom the past 7 years. You gave her what she needed most…hope. It takes a very special person to do what all of you do every day.” 
–Kathy G. (daughter of patient)

“Thank you for taking the utmost care of my darling wife. She loves you as her oncologist. The treatment she receives from your loving hands and wonderful disposition is beyond compare. You are a gift to her sent by God as you treat her with the utmost respect and dignity.”

“Thank you Dr. Dumasia for the most amazing care you gave to my father. You helped to keep his spirits up and always could make him smile.”
–Ashley S. (daughter of patient)

“Thank you, Dr. DeGreen so much for all you do for my wife and everyone you touch at Lancaster Cancer Center. You have touched my life, too, and we think of you as family.”

“Thank you, Dr. Dumasia for all you have done to help my body fight for life and good health again. Your encouragement through this difficult journey is a blessing.”   
–Anne P.

“Dr. DeGreen, thank you for the wonderful care you gave my husband Jack during his fight with Multiple Myeloma. Your kindness, encouragement, and treatment were very much appreciated. Jack had full confidence and trust in your care. Words are not enough to express our gratitude for all you did.”
–Linda and family

“Thank you for your joyful spirit and healing ways. We are ever in debt for the care you have given me. Thank you for helping to restore my health.”  
–Mike E.

“Dr. Dumasia listens very well and pays attention to my particular concerns. I feel comforted!”
–Linda C.

“Great staff and doctors where they treat you like family and not a number.”
–An appreciative patient

“Always a friendly face. Much appreciated.” 
–A grateful patient

“Thank you for making your new facility a comfortable and welcoming place for all who enter the front doors. You are all so kind and thoughtful. This Thanksgiving I give thanks for having you on my team.”
–A grateful patient

“To the LCC staff, we want to express our sincere gratitude to the care given to Bob. We thank you for your kindness, knowledge, and concern for the human spirit!” 
–Donna N.